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Erin is a fantasy and Christian fantasy author. Begin your journey on an epic adventure by perusing the bookshelf, and see what stories you have to look forward to that are coming soon. Check out author interviews, blog tours, and behind the scenes sneak peeks. Erin loves hearing from readers and connecting with authors, so drop her a note before you leave!


Published Works and Works in Progress

The Cost of Humanity

Enouim prefers things to be calm and predictable, but when her home is threatened and she stumbles into a quest of mythic proportions, her life may never be the same…

In Progress: Dragon’s Kiss

When a kidnapped child raised as an assassin learns that the dragonlord that saved her is in reality the very darkness she trained to defeat, she resolves to expose him before he takes control of the kingdom.

Next Project TBA

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Erin is a fantasy and Christian fantasy author. She released her debut novel, The Cost of Humanity, in January 2020 and is excited to be working on a three-book series currently! Erin loves board games of all sorts, and curling up in fuzzy socks with a cup of hot chocolate.

To contact Erin, email erinwintersauthor@gmail.com or use the form below.