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Enouim struggles to live a carefully controlled, safe life, but one blunder leads to another and soon she is caught up in a quest for something that may not even exist. Tribesmen from the surrounding areas are uniting under one man and have begun cutting off trade routes. As a last resort, Gorgenbrild sends an elite body of warriors after a legendary weapon that could turn the tide, and the leader is less than enthused to have an unqualified addition to the team.

As Enouim faces down dangers she never imagined, her life tailspins out of control and she’s forced to consider that everything she was ever taught about life and honor may be wrong.


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The only thing the small village of Kalma knows is that the great black dragon snatches one of their children every month. But Semra was one of those children, and she knows the truth…

There is a dragonlord in the mountain, and he trains the stolen children as assassins Semra was top of her class, and until now had carried out all her missions with highest marks. After all, they purge the earth of evil – a noble purpose! But when Semra uncovers a dark plot, her life and everything she has ever known are put at risk…

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